SpiralScouts, anyone?

There is talk of starting up our SpiralScouts (all one word) charter again! :O) This is a very inclusive national scouting group that is much better than some other scouting organizations, because it does not expect or require children to have a solidified belief in a higher Power in order to participate, and does not discriminate in any way against anyone. We do require background checks for leaders.

There are 3 age groups involved. If you are interested, please contact Lianna at 828-331-8688.


Druidic group forming at Temple

If anyone is interested in Druidry, even though this is considered a solitary path, there will be a Druidic group forming at Temple in support of students of this path and organizations such as OBOD, ADF and others.  

If you are interested, please contact Lianna at:  828-331-8688.


GLBTQ+ Hearth forming at Temple

A GLBTQ+ Hearth is now forming at the Temple.  This Hearth will be an umbrella group at the Temple under which many various sub-groups can form autonomously.  Anything from a gay men's Radical Faerie's group to a Dianic lesbian group and anything/everything in between!  :O)   This includes anyone who is non-binary, of course.  If interested, please contact Sky at:  828-356-4748. 


Maya Angelou is now watching over us all

Condolences to the family of Maya Angelou, one of my heroines. A great lady who will be truly missed but never ever forgotten. A blessed Journey to you, great Lady!Maya



Our Buddhist Hearth is re-forming under the guidance of Mr. Alex Percival.  Yay!!  :O)

The first meeting will be on Saturday, April 19 at 2 pm at Temple. 

There will be some lecture followed by a sitting.  Snacks are welcome if you feel like brining some.  We have some pillows that are appropriate for meditating available here, and/or you might want to bring your own.

You may contact Alex for further info at:


Welcome Alex!!  Thank you for participating and doing this here!

Love, Lianna


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