The “Hearths” at Sylvan Hearth Pagan Temple are groups of people who share similar spiritual traditions.  Several different Covens, groups, Lodges, Groves or solitaries of the same general tradition can join under that Hearth “umbrella” and operate autonomously and/or occasionally together for a sort of “gathering of the tribes” within the same tradition if they choose.  Some of these are brand new or don't even exist yet (but we hold space and are ready for them whenever they may appear!), some are going strong and some are waiting to be rekindled as folks come and go. (Same with the Houses)  

It is one of our goals to provide a safe, sacred & private space for worship for all who seek it, of whatever positive Pagan tradition.   Keep in mind that we define "Pagan" as any of the world's non-Abrahamic traditions.  This does NOT mean that we are "anti" anybody!  But this is a Pagan Temple, a "festivus for the rest of us", lol.  Most Jewish, Christian and Muslim folks have a plethora of synagogues, churches and masjids to choose from.   Not so for most Pagan folks, although no Pagan folk have a "need" for any building to worship in. But having a Temple does provide a safe, convenient, consistant, private space for worship and celebration, study and ceremony that is wonderful!  All that said, we also welcome respectful folks of ANY tradition here, and we have Christo-Pagans and Christian Witches here too.   Diversity and cooperation are key here.  So is competence in our clergy, ritualists and educators, which we have decided is proven by the eating of the proverbial pudding rather than degrees and titles.

The groups who belong to the various Hearths are autonomous groups.  There could be a great diversity of traditions / Covens / groups represented under each Hearth.  Their leadership is vetted by the Temple's Council of the North Star in a wide variety of ways in order to ensure that they are competent at whatever it is they are doing, that they really are who they say they are, that they have really done the things they say they have done, that they are basically stable individuals, and are not bullies, pedophiles, sex offenders or racists.  Once vetted, and if they share our mission, vision and core values, and abide by the rules of confidentiality and conduct for our Temple while on Temple property or representing the Temple abroad, they are autonomous and free to conduct their rituals and religious education, etc., in private here and completely free of further oversight at Temple (barring any future need for reconsideration by the Council due to bad behavior, Gods forbid).  

The Hearths have use of all the Temple's resources, including kitchen and library.

Each Hearth will have its own private FB group to communicate with each other privately.  They are also encouraged to post their open events to the main Temple FB group and/or website in case new folks may wish to join in.


This involves some communication and time, but we wish our Temple to be of service to as many as possible who wish to use it.   Contact us for more information.

WE ALSO HOST NON-PAGAN FRIENDS AND ALLIES for certain events!   This also involves a level of mutually earned trust, but we have hosted several events here for civil rights and social justice groups, Chritians and others.   All are welcome if they but follow the rules.

Here is a list of the Hearths we have running or plans for so far (and more are welcome!)

Asatru / Heathen Hearth

Buddhist / Taoist Hearth

Ceremonial Magical / Thelemic Hearth


Christian Witchcraft

Dianic Hearth

Discordian Hearth

Druid Hearth

Hellenist Hearth

Hindu Hearth

Ifa Hearth

Kemetic Hearth

GLBTQ+ Hearth

Roman / Strega Hearth

Traditional Witchcraft

Vodoun / Santerian Hearth

Wiccan Hearth



The “Houses” at Sylvan Hearth Pagan Temple are groups of people who enjoy similar hobbies or skills, who get together to share and practice their skills.  Oftentimes, the 2 co-facilitators of each House are the ones who have the most skill in these areas.  They use Temple facilities much of the time, as well as other facilities and field trips.  There is no charge to be a member of any House.  Members pay for their own materials, and if they can’t afford to buy any materials, they are often shared when possible.  At the very least they can still attend and learn by watching and doing.  This also provides a social element.  Each House has their own ProBoards online group to communicate with each other privately.  They are also encouraged to post events to the main Temple board in case new folks may wish to join.

*House of Acolytes (High Priests in training)

House of Bards  (musicians, poets, actors, artists, etc.)

House of Brewers  (who make their own beer, wine, mead, etc.)

House of Crafters  (who sew, make candles, needlecrafts, papermaking, incense, masks, any and all crafts)

House of Diviners  (Tarot readers, rune casters, astrologers, psychics, etc.)

House of Gingerbread  (chefs, bakers, etc.)

House of Green Jack  (gardening;  planting, labeling and care of greenhouse and tree and medicine walks on Temple property)

*House of Guardians  (Temple security: Martial artists, police officers, military personnel, etc.)

*House of Guides (peer and pastoral counselors, therapists, psychologists, etc.)

House of Healers  (Doctors, nurses, Reiki/energy workers, chiropractors, ayurvedic healers, herbalists, paramedics, midwives)

House of Herne (animal husbandry, pet care, animal training, wildlife rehabilitation, endangered species support))

*House of Maidens (High Priestesses in training)

House of Smiths  (Craftspeople who work exclusively with metals; some sharing with House of Crafters

House of Wildcraft  (Wilderness survival, hiking, hunting, fishing, etc.)


If any of these Houses interest you, please ask Sky ( to put you on their lists after you have become a Temple member.

Some members of these Houses are there to learn, some to teach, and all to share.


*  You must be invited by a HPS/HP to join these lists, because of what they entail, but you are encouraged to voice an interest in them and let us know you are available!!