The Lodge of the Sacred Staves is devoted to the continued lifting of consciousness beyond the Earth plane and is sworn to the service of the White Lodge (i.e. Ascended Masters who have reached the energetic level wherein they exhibit the White Light and continue to work for the evolution of humanity).

We work with both the Goddess and God energies and the ascending and descending hierarchies, as well as our ancestors and the spirits of the land we work on and with. We work with the ley lines and places of power. This Lodge is committed to Earth works and the projection of consciousness on a Cosmic level.

Our members have been attracted from many paths, regions and countries for a specific purpose related to the importance of this region. We perform Inner Circle functions only. Due to the nature of our role we are currently unavailable for any teaching functions.

We are interested in communicating with individuals who understand working at this level and understand the role of a Circle of Eight.