Our own Vissy Carver, local Wiccan / Heathen leader, has wonderful supplies for sale at very good prices!  Please support this local leader and future shop owner.  We want to see his shop open here and be successful!   For more information, call Vissy at:


Happy shopping!



For our own Pagan shop, please click on the "Sylvan Crafters Pagan Shop" link in the menu bar above.  Happy shopping!


ASHEVILLE RAVEN AND CRONE - A new Pagan shop in Asheville!

Laura told us about this shop and it looks FABULOUS!  Can't wait to visit!  Check them out on Facebook:   Asheville Raven and Crone

Here is there info:

555 Merrimon Avenue, Asheville, NC  28804

(828) 424-7868

Open 7 days a week from 11 am to 7 pm.

There will soon be a website as well!  Stay tuned!

Asheville, North Carolina's only "Old Age" metaphysical supply store.
Many of the gifts we offer include Viking Drinking Horns, hand worked leather goods, Incense, charcoal, candles, bottles, tarot cards, pendulums, cauldrons, mortar & pestles, herbal teas, books, jewelry, stones, altar supplies, magical supplies, gift cards, flower essences, essential oils, wands, crystals, bags, boxes, journals, musical instruments and more...

We have a community room with regularly scheduled readers and weekly events. Our readers include artists of tarot, angel cards, Zen Osho, Appalachian healing, psychic, automatic writing, Astrology, Soul contract, tea leaf readings and Rune casting.

We offer a full herbal apothecary and aromatherapy blending bar. We craft our own high quality products such as Queen of Hungary Water, Calendula Oil, Arnica Oil, St. John's Wort oil, goat's milk and oatmeal soaps, soy and palm aromatherapy and magical candles, delicious tea blends both magical and healing, as well as an entire line of astrologically charged magical oils including money drawing, Come to Me, Goddess, Full Moon, Pan, Gnome, Isis, Venus, Dream, Divination, Protection, Elemental oils, astrological oils and many more... We make our own line of incense for use on charcoals and we also make magical simmering incense (Smoke Free) .

We have hand selected quality supplies and other gifts from vendors that are local, U.S. made or fair trade such as Oberon, Poetic Earth, Wulflund, Bombay, Nirvana, Celtic Visions, Shoyeido, Morning Star, Llewellyn, U.S. Games, Tree Free, Mountain Rose, Starwest Botanicals and more!
We have wonderful local vendors who supply us with many of our wares including The Forgotten Log, Panther Moon, Byron Ballard, Julia Mann Pottery, Wood Botanicals, MM Ritual, Friendswood Brooms, Celtic Soul Craft, Mystical Magical Crow, Featherbs, Wendy Lippman, Annelinde Metzner, Smoke Walker, Raven & Crone Handmade, CJ Randall, Ghost Holler Studio, Luna Del Fuego, Antonio Contla, Lyn Lyndall, Hugh Crystals and more...


Sylvan Crafters Coming Soon!

Soon, we will be posting things for sale here which are made and donated by our crafty members. Keep checking back for updates!

If you are a crafter, and would like to donate a hand crafted item(s) to benefit the Temple, please call us at 828-506-6362.  We especially love Pagan-themed crafts!  All proceeds go towards helping to pay our monthly mortgage, as the Temple owns the property it is on, and paying off our mortgage will ensure that the Temple continues as long as there are Pagans here.  (And since we've survived this long it is doubtful that we will ever go away...)

Whenever there might be any extra funds (which is rare, lol), they go towards maintenance costs, like our road, occasionally emptying our septic system, building repair, etc., as well as things like kerosene for torches, mulch for paths, and new building projects.

You might like to join our House of Crafters and get together to learn new crafts and teach others what you know.