The above phrase sends most Pagans running for the door and understandably so!  However...  because we wish to create an inclusive space, intentionally co-created by those who share our mission and vision, we created a mechanism by which we can be a spiritual home for many diverse individuals and groups now and as we grow in the future.

We have already learned several rather painful lessons over the last 13 years in trying to do this while also attempting to become a place whose clergy, educators, pastoral counselors and ritualist are competent and respectable within our community, at least on a basic level.  There have been many challenges and lessons learned in trying to remain as inclusive as possible without endangering our community in any way. 

As a result, during the last year and in the future, a few things have changed (and some remain the same).  We have created policies, in writing, in order to do our best to protect our community.  We give them to all new members along with our core values and a code of conduct while on Temple property.  That said, we are pretty mellow and all about the fun! 

Our basic operating structure will be as follows:


We have an interim Board who will sit until we are large enough to have a permanent operating Board, at which time term limits will begin and members will be elected.  We are filing for our 501c3 imminently, at which time our constitution and by-laws will be posted here.  The Board, including officers such as treasurer and secretary, etc., will handle all the legal business of the Temple.


We named our council thus because it does not currently consist solely of genuine "Elders".  It does, however, consist of folks who are mature, knowledgeable, compassionate, fair, and respected in our community.

This council will hear and deliberate on spiritual matters concerning the Temple, will advise the Board regarding spiritual matters that may affect business decisions, and will mediate and make decisions regarding disputes that may arise between individuals or groups within the Temple.   They will have the authority to suspend or revoke membership, as this is a private group on private property.  As inclusive as we would love to always be, a few folks have proven themselves to be genuinely dangerous, physically and spiritually, sadly, and in those cases we will not hesitate to remove them from our presence. 

The Council will consist of at least 1 representative member from each spiritual tradition represented at the Temple, known in general as our "Hearths", and preferably they will be clergy.  


Criteria for becoming a Board or Council member will be included in our by-laws.  We currently have 10 Council members and 6 Board members.  We have room for more on both.  Once you are a Council member you will be one for life, unless you choose to leave the Temple (or are told to leave, Gods forbid.....).   There will be a limit to the number of Board members who will have term limits but can serve more than one term if re-elected.

One of the main prerequisites for membership on either the Board or the Council will be that a person must be a member in good standing of the Temple for at least one year before they can be nominated, and they must demonstrate maturity, compassion, good communication skills, reliability and dedication to the Temple and more importantly, Temple members.