We are proud members of: 

The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce!

What We Offer: 

  • A 7 acre safe, private physical space, owned by our legally incorporated Temple, for Pagan worship, socializing, study, Initiation, networking and peer support 
  • All 8 Sabbats of the year with Feasts that follow 
  • Pagan Night Out  
  • SpiralScouts (Scouting for children that is more inclusive than other scouting groups)   
  • Bardic opportunities  (artistic, song, dance, music, storytelling, poetry, etc.)  
  • Several "Houses" for those of like minds who want to practice certain skills together 
  • Several autonomous "Hearths" for those of like minds who want to practice certain spiritual traditions together 
  • Pastoral counseling 
  • Mediation 
  • Court experts who can give "voir dire" testimony on the nature of our spirituality when needed in court
  • Prison ministry
  • Hospital ministry 
  • Campus ministry, which supports the Pagan Student Association at WCU
  • Religious instruction, in general, for adults and children
  • Initiation into Covens and Lodges (a Cirlce of 8) for those properly prepared and trained
  • Preparation and training for such Initiation
  • Community support and networking
  • A summer festival, a yearly campout and other events as organized by the individual Hearths and Houses  


Our Temple property, which includes: 

  1.  A community vegetable garden and a small greenhouse of herbs, especially, and medicinal trees and plants throughout the property
  2. A pet cemetery for any who have no permanent place of their own to bury and visit their beloved animal companions
  3. An outdoor "Summer Circle" for ritual
  4. A covered "Woodhenge" in the traditional British style for ritual during inclement weather
  5. A memorial garden
  6. A private "lover's bower", especially for Beltane
  7.   A Maypole
  8. A running stream across the property
  9.  A faerie glen with a wishing tree at the Springhead
  10. An island in a yonic shape with a gazebo
  11. Chicken coops (for eggs only, when we have chickens)
  12. Camping pads for overnight guests
  13.  A parsonage
  14.  A large deck for social gatherings, meetings and workshops
  15. And indoor Temple room for private gatherings of Initiates
  16. A large library with extensive Pagan / Occult / religious titles



  Our mission is symbolized within the pentagram, along the path of which we shall:  

Honor the lessons of Water by joining hearts by sharing our joys and challenges, feeling and growing together and co-creating a group bond, shared love and shared trust as well as providing diverse support, pastoral counseling & charitable outreach;

Honor the lessons of Fire by joining voices and speaking up, listening and being heard as individuals and as a Temple, using our passion to vocalize our vision;

Honor the lessons of Earth by joining hands in building a safe, positive and supportive physical Temple space together and caring for those in need, including our environment; 

Honor the lessons of Air by joining minds to co-create a shared vision and practice a shared intention while discovering our own individual paths as well as providing competent clergy and religious education for our members;

Honor the lessons of Spirit by supporting each other to worship freely as each conscience is guided, without fear in our hearts or reservation in our minds, and with respect and compassion for others so that they may do the same while we each remain true to our own cultures and traditions.




The Sylvan Hearth Pagan Temple envisions a day

when bigotry, intolerance, discrimination, hate crimes, violence –

especially religiously motivated violence -

are a thing of the past.

We envision a perpetually safe and self-sustaining sacred Temple space

that all positive Pagans can use free of charge

for worship, education, fellowship, networking and  support of each other

as a diverse community with a common bond: 

A love and respect for the Pagan spiritual traditions of the world

and for those of all people of the world.   

We envision doing this by respectfully working together

using consensus towards common goals and leading by positive examples.



Sylvan Hearth avidly supports networking and diversity among the Pagan community and in the world.  Speaking for ourselves, we agree to disagree on each other's varied and valid individual "truths" and we support each other in our diverse personal spiritual explorations and paths.   


In furtherance of this, we include links on our website to other positive groups in an effort to help people find just the right spiritual "home" for themselves, which usually takes time and some exploring and patience.  :o) None of us win a free toaster for having the most members, lol, and we Pagans do not proselytize and are usually concerned more with "quality" of members in our groups than the "quantity".  So finding the right place for you is very important, and there are many terrific groups to choose from!!!   We all have favorite interests and skills: 



Some of us are scholars...                 Some are energy workers..... 


 Some are Witches too....                Most Pagans pray..... 


Some of us serve in the military....  Some of us are total pacifists....