Just to name a few:

The Wicker Man (NOT the one with Nicholas Cage!  See the original!)

The Man from Earth

Episode of Xena: Warrior Princess: "The Bitter Suite" (Tarot)

Episode of Robin of Sherwood: "Lord of the Trees"

Sword of the Valiant (With a VERY young Sean Connery)

Practical Magic

Avatar (the film)

August Rush  (The magic of music! - check out the deleted scenes where August is given a pent necklace during his initiation into the group by "Wizard", also a telling nickname.  I wish Wizard's character didn't have to be so antagonistic....)

Eat, Pray, Love

Knowing (Intended to be a Christian message, I believe, but it's SO PAGAN as well!  Some themes are universal....   And universally awesome!)

Narnia (also from a Christian author, but SUCH a great movie for Pagan children too!!!!) 

Pan's Labyrinth (Awesome!)

Chocolate (Johnny Depp playing guitar, enough said.  Watch this movie when people are mean to you for being different - it will restore your hope in people)

Halloween Tree (cartoon for children - explains origins of Halloween)

The Dark Crystal (Jim Henson film - Kabbalah for children!)

The Lady in the Water

Mists of Avalon

Earthsea (Talks about integrating the Shadow)

The Celestine Prophecy (Talks about energy, synchrenicity, prophecy & inappropriate use of energy)

The Peaceful Warrior (Takin' out the mental trash! Great film)

The Day Pictures were Born

The Power of Myth series with Joseph Campbell

Nanny McPhee

Perfect Sense