About Donations & How To Make Them


Each month we rely on donations from members and allies to pay our Temple mortgage and property insurance so that our Temple can continue.  We are all extremely grateful to all those (who are few in number) who do give so selflessly to assist in making sure this Temple continues.  Once the mortgage is paid off, this will be a worry of the past.  What one cannot do alone, many can accomplish together!   This is not something that any one person should have to bear alone. 

That said, we do not tithe or charge membership dues.  People give what they can of their money and/or their time, expertise and labor.  THANK YOU FOR ANY SUPPORT YOU MAY CHOOSE TO GIVE!!   And remember, this property is legally in the name of our Temple and will continue long after any of us.  We are a cooperative, intentional community doing good work and this Temple gives all of us a "home base" that is sacred, safe and fun!  Most of all, it is OURS!  :O)

And if you cannot donate money, perhaps you could donate your time at a yard sale, gardening or maintaining Temple grounds or making crafts to sell on our Etsy site instead.  There are many ways to “give back” if you feel so inclined. 

Those who cannot afford to give are always still welcome!!!!   NO GUILT, no pressure, no strings!   So please do not ever feel as though you should not attend because you have nothing to share at any given time.  That said, please share what you can when you can if you honor and value this communal space. 

If you can donate, even just $5.00 here or $3.00 there, every little bit helps.  And

$20.00 would be AWESOME!   A couple of people actually set up automatic monthly payments with their bank. 


Also, if you'd like your donation or payment noted, please send me a private e-mail with a title such as “temple donation” or something similar, and I'll happily make a note of it.  If you need a receipt, please request one.  And please remember that we can only issue receipts if your donations are not made anonymously.   Your donations ARE tax deductible.


Donations of money and/or service are listed on our website, with donors permission only, of course.   You may be listed with your legal name or your Craft name. 



Facebook / Network for Good:

You have to join the cause first, but once you do you can donate directly.


You can also click on the Network for Good links on this website. 




PAYPAL:   We are working to set up a Paypal link on our website....


In the meantime, if you have a pay pal account you can donate a gift by sending it to the email address.  Paypal has a feature that allows you to send money.


Donate by going to or mailing to our bank:

You can also donate in the real world (instead of the internet).  Just stop by BB&T

in Sylva or send them a check or money order by mail.  Also, PLEASE be certain

that your check will clear.  When people bounce checks, which has happened several

times, we have to pay a fee at our bank and then we have to try to recoup that fee
from whomever wrote the check.    When that happens, rather than receiving a donation, we actually lose money, and that really adds up.     Thank you!

All checks should be made payable to:   Sylvan Hearth Pagan Temple


186 Grindstaff Cove Road

Sylva, NC   28779




Account name:  Sylvan Hearth Pagan Temple

(Account number is not needed & we’ve been advised not to hand it out)

Automatic electronic monthly payments can also be set up through your bank.



Donation by mail directly to the Temple:

Sylvan Hearth Pagan Temple
P.O.Box 612
Dillsboro, NC 28725



Donations at the Temple:


There is a donation jar in the guest bathroom, for those who wish their

donations to be anonymous, and there is a plastic canister for donations on

the island in the kitchen.   Please ask for a receipt if you would like one!



"Chip in" is no more......


Thank you  SO MUCH for all your support!!!!