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Xat Chat for Temple

Join the Sylvan Hearth Pagan Temple here for chats:

The next chat will be on Friday, March 27, at 6 pm Arizona time, 9 pm NC time.

NOTICE: These will be OPEN to ANYONE and publicly visible! So watch what you say if you don't want a public record of it!!

See ya there!


ASHEVILLE RAVEN AND CRONE - A new Pagan shop in Asheville!

Laura told us about this shop and it looks FABULOUS!  Can't wait to visit!  Check them out on Facebook:   Asheville Raven and Crone

Here is there info:

555 Merrimon Avenue, Asheville, NC  28804

(828) 424-7868

Open 7 days a week from 11 am to 7 pm.

There will soon be a website as well!  Stay tuned!

Asheville, North Carolina's only "Old Age" metaphysical supply store.
Many of the gifts we offer include Viking Drinking Horns, hand worked leather goods, Incense, charcoal, candles, bottles, tarot cards, pendulums, cauldrons, mortar & pestles, herbal teas, books, jewelry, stones, altar supplies, magical supplies, gift cards, flower essences, essential oils, wands, crystals, bags, boxes, journals, musical instruments and more...

We have a community room with regularly scheduled readers and weekly events. Our readers include artists of tarot, angel cards, Zen Osho, Appalachian healing, psychic, automatic writing, Astrology, Soul contract, tea leaf readings and Rune casting.

We offer a full herbal apothecary and aromatherapy blending bar. We craft our own high quality products such as Queen of Hungary Water, Calendula Oil, Arnica Oil, St. John's Wort oil, goat's milk and oatmeal soaps, soy and palm aromatherapy and magical candles, delicious tea blends both magical and healing, as well as an entire line of astrologically charged magical oils including money drawing, Come to Me, Goddess, Full Moon, Pan, Gnome, Isis, Venus, Dream, Divination, Protection, Elemental oils, astrological oils and many more... We make our own line of incense for use on charcoals and we also make magical simmering incense (Smoke Free) .

We have hand selected quality supplies and other gifts from vendors that are local, U.S. made or fair trade such as Oberon, Poetic Earth, Wulflund, Bombay, Nirvana, Celtic Visions, Shoyeido, Morning Star, Llewellyn, U.S. Games, Tree Free, Mountain Rose, Starwest Botanicals and more!
We have wonderful local vendors who supply us with many of our wares including The Forgotten Log, Panther Moon, Byron Ballard, Julia Mann Pottery, Wood Botanicals, MM Ritual, Friendswood Brooms, Celtic Soul Craft, Mystical Magical Crow, Featherbs, Wendy Lippman, Annelinde Metzner, Smoke Walker, Raven & Crone Handmade, CJ Randall, Ghost Holler Studio, Luna Del Fuego, Antonio Contla, Lyn Lyndall, Hugh Crystals and more...

Pagan Night Out or "PNO" 

Our Temple hosts a monthly gathering called a PNO or Pagan Night Out, usually either at Tucks in Cullowhee, Soul Infusion in Sylva, or at the Temple itself when we'd like to have a BBQ / pot luck and a much more casual / inexpensive atmosphere.

These are purely social events, and at Temple sometimes include things like a Pagan movie, game nights or bardic circles which can involve anything from a drum circle to fire spinning (poi) or bellydancing!  It all depends upon who shows up!

The PNOs held at Tuck's or Soul Infusion are OPEN to ANYONE! 

So if you go, be prepared to be "out" in public to a degree!

If you are interested and new to us, just give us a call for place, date and time!

Hope to see you there!


The Heartland Project

The Heartland Project will be hosting a 2 day pilgrimage along the Civil Rights Trail in the South, stopping as well along sites sacred and historical to Cherokees, Creeks and other Native nations on the Trail of Tears.  This will be followed by a 2 or 3 day gathering at Lake Guntersville at the lovely lodge there.  There will be ceremony, celebration, sharing of stories, prayer and workshops.  Apologies will be made, forgiveness requested and healing found.

This is a project that one of our high priestesses is very involved with as one of its several co-founders and facilitators, which includes Freedom Riders and Cherokees, Meher Baba devotees and others.  This is a group that values and actively seeks out participation by all who share the vision. The Heartland Project became a reality initially due to the hard work of visionary Jill English, whose heart and compassion has brought many diverse folks together for this shared intention:

The Heartland project seeks repentance and reconciliation between people through pilgrimages, gathering and forums.  "The Heartland Project:  Reconnecting Humanity Like Bead on One String"

Mission Statement

The Heartland Project seeks to acknowledge human suffering and foster forgiveness and connection through gatherings, pilgrimages, shared experiences and ideas.

Vision Statement

We come together seeking to explore unity as the truth inherent in creation. By acknowledging the unthinkable suffering perpetrated by one against an other, we endeavor to experience the oneness that lies at the heart of all. Therefore, we commit to the timely and crucial work which urges our hearts to go beyond what has been or what is.

History of Development

The history of The Heartland Beads Project is really over 170 years in the making. The players, both dead and alive, span the globe from East to West culminating in events that have reached out to profoundly inspire the recipients of today to endeavor to leave a legacy for tomorrow.

In April of 1932 during a filmed interview, dictated through an alphabet board, for the Paramount Film Company in London, the silent East Indian Master, Meher Baba, declared in his message to the West that “ I intend bringing together all religions and cults like beads-on-one-string and revitalize them for individual and collective needs. This is my mission to the West.”

In May of 1952 while visiting America, Meher Baba and a few of his devotees sat out to follow a cross-country itinerary from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to Ojai, California. Ignoring the carefully planned itinerary from one of his devotees, Baba instructed the driver to navigate according to his wishes, including a very zig-zag path in Oklahoma. Right in the heart of America, just outside of Prague, Oklahoma they were met with a terrible head-on collision. Baba was thrown from the car landing in a ditch on the side of the road. Two weeks later, bloodied, broken and bruised, Baba and his companions were driven back to Myrtle Beach in ambulances.

Many years later it was discovered that the route Baba insisted upon taking matches almost exactly the Cherokee Trail of Tears that began in 1834, and ends very near the same spot as his accident. The route he then took to get back to Myrtle Beach, so badly beaten and broken, also closely matches The Freedom Riders routes and significant events of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's. These discoveries were the inspiration for pilgrimages of forgiveness and healing to take place on those routes and other sites in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Along these routes pilgrims were met, and at times accompanied by, Cherokee and African-Americans, including two iconic hero's from the Freedom Riders Movement. At every site throughout the pilgrimages we would invoke ancestors to witness apology, a heartfelt Prayer of Repentance, and songs that were given by living pilgrims to living recipients, acknowledging the generational grief and trauma still experienced today by their descendants.

Thousands of miles have been traveled where apologies and prayers have so moved those we encountered, young and old, that they continually expressed not ever having experienced anything like it. From those moments such connection and unification were established that The Heartland Project......reconnecting humanity like Beads-on-One-String was born. It continues with some of the very people met during pilgrimage. We do so because together we envision the creation of a living legacy through our shared experience of the heart.

Check out the Heartland Project on Facebook: