Parliament of the World's Religions 2015

Join us for the next Parliament of the World's Religions, being held in Utah this October 15-19, 2015.  Our Temple will be represented by our founder and one of our high priestesses, Lianna Costantino and hopefully YOU!!

The first Parliament of Religions was held at the 1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition, and was the first formal meeting of the religious East and West. In 1988 the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions (CPWR) was founded to organize a centennial celebration of the original Parliament. Since 1993, three Parliaments have been held in Chicago, Cape Town, Barcelona and in 2009 the most recent Parliament was held in Melbourne, Australia.

The Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions works to cultivate harmony among the world's religious and spiritual communities to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.




We knew it was inevitable!   And as a Temple, we have always performed same-sex weddings, but now they will be equally legally recognized right along with the Pagan weddings we have always performed!  HOORAY NC!!!   It's about time! 



Congratulations to Skylar Landis, who was elevated to the 1st Degree in the Hearthstone Tradition today!   Welcome, sister Witch and Priestess!   And Blessed Be!   You earned it!



We want to thank everyone for coming out to Lithacon this year!  It was great fun, and went off without a hitch.  Blessing to all of you who helped to make it such a success and with so little stress.  A big thanks to our professional entertainers, Clair, Jash and Steve!   Your performances were brilliant!  Hope to see you next year! 

The vending was great and we made money towards the Temple's mortgage and other expenses. 

The food was also excellent and seemingly never ending....

Thank you to Bill for playing a wicked banjo!!!!   Dueling banjos was great fun!

The rituals and workshops were fabulous, especially considering we had to make 3 changes at the last minute, lol!   Well done!  And to Lord Cheiron and E.G., it was a special privilege to have you and your expertise.   Lord Cheiron's presentation was very well done and I saw light bulbs going off over heads all over the place!  lol   And E.G., your knowledge of the stars we look forward to benefit from sharing.  :O)

A huge thank you to Tracy for providing 2 deluxe port-a-potties with sinks and everything!  They were very helpful, clean and never stinky!  Wow! 

And thanks to the raccoons who appeared on the deck with us in the evenings for treats and to the fox family, whose kits put on quite a cute show in the evening on the lawn.

This was one of the best attended festivals we've have in years.  Everything was right on schedule and beautiful.  There are not enough thanks in any language, but...

THANKS!    See you all next year, when we shall have a certain very popular Pagan joining us and presenting.  :O)  






JUNE 20-22


5 pm – Festival opens

Tent pitching and social time

8 pm –  Concurrent events:

Bardic Circle outside

Games and/or Movie inside


Morning is unstructured social time.  Coffee and tea will be made available.

Vending until 10 am.   All profits benefit Temple mortgage and maintenance.

10 am – Gender Presentation - Denny

11 am – What do Dragons Mean to Us Today?  - Sky

12-3 pm - Litha Luau – Lianna & Robert

4 pm - Feast

6 pm - Belly Dance class - Claire

7 pm – Fire Spinning Poi  class - Jashwant

8 pm - Chocolate Ritual – Lianna

9:30 pm - Poi & Belly Dance Performances


Morning is unstructured social time.  Coffee and tea will be made available.

Vending until 11 am.  All profits benefit Temple mortgage and maintenance.

11:00-12:30 pm -  Morphic   Resonance - Michael Cheiron

12:30-2 pm  Lunch

2-4 pm - Redneck Ritual – Bill & Lianna

4 pm – Puppet Story Time – Denny & Lianna, with Leo, Rizzo & friends

5 pm -  Festival closes


You might want to bring with you:

A camping chair


Water and snacks

An ice chest

Something to share at the potluck Feast after Litha

Food considerations:

Individuals are responsible for their meals other than our usual pot-luck Feast after the Litha Sabbat ritual.   Coffee and tea will be made available every morning and everyone is always free to make a fresh pot of coffee or help themselves to any of our teas and put the kettle on. 

Plan to eat breakfast and bring a snack on Saturday as there is no designated “lunch” break and Feast will not be until 3 or 4 pm. 

Campers may use camping stoves at their camp sites but no fires, please. 

Please do not:

Litter!  This includes cigarette butts!

Urinate or defecate in the woods.  There will be two very clean and well-equipped port-a-     potties available for this, thanks to Tracy!  Please use them. 

Get drunk.  Drunkenness is highly discouraged at Temple.  This is a Temple, not a     nightclub. 

Drive drunk.  We hope you will all respect the above rule, but in case of any unfortunate

            over-doing, please plan to spend the night or get a ride from a sober friend.

Get naked.   We do have Skyclad events but this will not be one of them. 

Leave your children unattended. 

Disrespect our sacred Circle Fires.  Please do not throw anything into them.

Smoke in the house or in Circle. 

Wear your shoes in the house.  There are cubbies in the mudroom and shelves in the library for your shoes. 

Throw away recyclables.  We do recycle.  Please rinse your bottles and cans and put them     in a plastic bag in the kitchen. 

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