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Sylvan Crafters Coming Soon!

Soon, we will be posting things for sale here which are made and donated by our crafty members. Keep checking back for updates!

If you are a crafter, and would like to donate a hand crafted item(s) to benefit the Temple, please call us at 828-506-6362.  We especially love Pagan-themed crafts!  All proceeds go towards helping to pay our monthly mortgage, as the Temple owns the property it is on, and paying off our mortgage will ensure that the Temple continues as long as there are Pagans here.  (And since we've survived this long it is doubtful that we will ever go away...)

Whenever there might be any extra funds (which is rare, lol), they go towards maintenance costs, like our road, occasionally emptying our septic system, building repair, etc., as well as things like kerosene for torches, mulch for paths, and new building projects.

You might like to join our House of Crafters and get together to learn new crafts and teach others what you know. 

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