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We have been here for 13 years now!  

We are currently one of very few (only 3 that we know of, including us), Pagan groups in WNC who own their own land and buildings in the name of their group or Temple.  This most certainly does not imply that we are "better" in any way than any Pagan group simply because we own land!  Most are fine just walking out into the forest to do their thing, as it has always been, and shall always be and rightfully so.  But it does afford us privacy, safety, choices and convenience (along with expenses and responsibilities) and so we are proud of what we have accomplished together here and wish to share it.


So we are continuously working here to improve things for the future and to find ways of becoming financially sustainable so that we can pay off our mortgage and leave something tangible behind for future generations to enjoy.  We have accomplished SO much already, but we have many ideas for continued improvement.  That said, our most pressing concern is always simply paying the monthly mortgage, and property insurance, the final responsibility of which falls on only 1 person, our founder, when donations do not come in...  She is someone who can ill afford it, but who does it out of dedication and love.   That said, all help is appreciated in any form.   That includes mowing the lawn.  :O)


The hard part is done, labor-wise.  We own our property and have built and shingled the Henge.  We have goals for landscaping features now, beautification and additions, which include:


Short term projects and goals:


Continuing creation of our Community Garden, Greenhouse, medicine and tree walks

Creating a labyrinth on the East side of the property

Beautification of the grounds, including:

Painting our deck railings

Adding potted trees and baskets of herbs and flowers to the deck

Adding bird (including hummingbird) and squirrel feeders to our deck and property (this is now done!)

Wind chimes and other landscaping features throughout the property (done!)

Building a rock wall around the pet cemetery

Additional beautification of the pet cemetery

Continued beautification of the memorial garden

Rebuilding the Fire pits in the summer Circle and Woodhenge

Finishing the pond and water garden to the West of the Summer Circle

Putting a swing on the deck

Beautification around the swing in the woods

Completion of zen stone garden

Completion of fairy garden

Signs for Henge, Circles, paths, gardens, trees and plants

Creating a better dog run for visiting four-legged friends


Long term projects and goals:


Completion of our Woodhenge enclosure

Building safe bat houses

Enclosing part of the deck with a retractable canopy over half of it

Paving our drive

Building a forge

Keeping bees on the S/E end of the property

Building hermitages for the monastic use of guests and clergy

Digging our own well

Building a new chicken coop and keeping more chickens for eggs for the community. 


Those who take turns lending a hand with maintenance of the gardens and chickens will get produce and eggs for free in return.  Those unable to help but in need will also receive produce and eggs for free. 


If anyone would like to come out and help with any of these projects, just let us know!



This Temple will be what we make it, together!  We practice reciprocity here.  You give, you receive.  You receive, you give back.   No guilt. No pressure.  Just a basic spiritual ethic.  That said, we will always help those in genuine need whenever possible without asking anything in return.  If you want to see something new happening here, be a part of making it happen!  :O)  

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